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Attractions of Koh Lanta

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The paradise location of the wonderfully attractive Koh Lanta, Thailand

Koh Lanta is actually a district in the Krabi Province of Thailand. This wonderful district was actually established at the time of December 1901. Till then this place has become a really wonderful and also attraction-filled place to be coming and enjoying in. There are many sorts of activities to be conducted here that serve as the prime attraction in this location. All you need to be doing is get up on your feet and go through the complete location of Koh Lanta.
There are four different island groups that one can easily get hold of in here. These four islands groups are the Mu Ko Lanta, the Mu Ko Klang, the Mu Ko Rok and the Mu Ko Ngai. The origin that was chosen for the particular name of this location is still unclear. However, experts have suggested that the word Lanta actually denotes type of fish in the Japanese language which may be a doubtful origin for the name.

Koh Lanta

The major attractions
A complete list of the major tourist destinations in this region would include the:-
• National Marine Park
• Khao Mai Kaew Cave
• Sea Gypsy Village
• Cock Fighting Camp
• Lanta Old Town
• Orchid nursery farm

The most diverse location of the National Marine Park

Palm Beach Koh LantaEach and every one of these places are really filled up with the best sort of entertainment options that really make this place and awesome place to be living in. first of all in Koh Lanta, is the national marine park. There are two beaches that exist in this wonderful National Marine Park. These two beaches are the Beautiful Stone Beach known as the Had Hin Ngam and also the Palm Beach known as the Tanod Beach.

These two of the beaches are located in the national park area where you will never get hold of any sort of resorts. The road to here from the complete Klong Hin Beach becomes really narrow and at the same time there are many sorts of dips as well as rises. You will also notice a lot of sharp curves that can be found in this region. The wildlife park, the famous lighthouse of Koh Lanta is all located in this region. It is also a great spot for picnics; however one will have to provide himself with his own food as well as drinks.

Khao Mai Kaew Cave with its diverse attractions

Khao Mai Kaew CaveThe Khao Mai Kaew Cave is the next big attraction in the location of Koh Lanta. These caves are located in the central region of the island and they can be easily visited as a break from this primary region. A group of rocks and cavers that are completely filled with stalactites and stalagmites will beautifully greet you in this region. The diverse cavers can be visited through the small holes in the rocks and this is actually where the real fun begins for real.

The wonderful Sea Gypsy village with its wonderful habitats
The Sea Gypsy village is another great place that you can visit in this wonderful region. This is actually a place that is completely filled with wonderful people and they all have the great attraction to keep this place lively and wonderful. There are variety of hotels and resorts around these attractions of Koh lanta. Read more here.

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